We are…

We are Kristin and Phil!


We met in a train in 2012 between Colonge and Hamburg, Germany. Kristin is born in North Germany and Phil on Long Island, New York.


We both grew up on the coast; two shores which are very similar and yet are on two different continents.


Torn between both countries we decided to create our lifes on both continents by having a home base in Hamburg.


Sounds difficult, but home is where your heart belongs.


We both had some dreams from our childhood. We both grew up as camper kids and exploring the nature. That part got a really raw deal in our daily lifes the last years. We love the asset of living in a city, but one day we decide to have a different time without to quitting our jobs.


One article in the “Globetrotter Magazine” of a german couple traveling with a van two months through the west coast with a 8 months old, woke us up.


So that’s when our idea started to create our own van. We found out, that a lot of people are doing that and that there is a huge community.


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