When the squirell …/ Wenn das Eichhörnchen

… greets you in the morning instead of your neighboor, you know you’re outside.

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Mutterglück Podcast – Interview mit Kristin


Hallo zusammen,

es ist schon etwas her, dass wir was gepostet haben. Heute möchten wir ein Interview mit Kristin, welches im Mutterglück Podcast erschienen ist, mit euch teilen. Mutterglück ist ein Podcast von einer ehemaligen Kollegin, die selbst letztes Jahr Mama geworden ist. Danke Silke, du hast da was ganz tolles auf die Beine gestellt.

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A man and his VAN!

Phil just spent some time with our van on its own. He had almost 2 weeks to work on more of the furniture and the essentials we’ll need for getting out on the road.

Phil finished the back doors.

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Let`s Move In!


We worked for 21 grueling days on our Van. Now “The Van Kongs Build Part 1” is over. We started our conversion with really bad weather conditions, but we survived, and now it looks as if we could move in, but there’s still a lot to do!

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Almost “Goodbye” to Our Space Shuttle!!

With our insulation, we made our van look like a silver space shuttle, but each day we get closer to a comfortable tiny house on wheels. We have less then two weeks in the US and hopefully we can present you some photos of the first furniture before we leave. But check out our second crazy week with highlights, like cutting holes in the car!  

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We finally bought a Van! Wir haben endlich einen Sprinter gekauft!

Happy New Year 2018! Our new year started happy.. and expensive!

On January 3rd, we finally bought our new home – a blue Mercedes Sprinter 2500. That was the day before the big snowstorm hit the east coast and many other parts of the US. Kristin already had a snowstorm after Christmas three years ago and that time she thought to herself, ‘wow, I’ve never seen so much snow before’. But this time it was much more and the temperature was so much colder. Great time to start a van conversion 🙂

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The Giants of the Seas – Giganten der Ozeane

The last few weeks have been a bit crazy, but we`ve reached a few a big milestones! Kristin had her last day at work, we had our farewell party and we had our last Thanksgiving in Hamburg in our apartment. Now we are packing boxes, running to appointments with various government offices and Phil is working on the show “Kinky Boots”. We’ve planned a lot for our big life change, but there are always some little things you forget or you did not think would happen. Read More

German Words We Need in English

Phil and I had always wanted to collect German phrases, quotes, and words etc. in order to translate them to english for our wedding website. Time was flying and we just didn’t have enough time, so I just printed a lot of weird German / USA sterotypes on small papers and put them in a box for everyone to read. Some people really found that box amusing. 🙂

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Test the Van-Life

Vorfreude (n) – the joyful, intense anticipation that comes from imagining future pleasures!

We have another year to go until we put our plan into action! Since I am a rather impatient person, it was clear that I would soon want to try a small test tour. Read More