A man and his VAN!

Phil just spent some time with our van on its own. He had almost 2 weeks to work on more of the furniture and the essentials we’ll need for getting out on the road.

Phil finished the back doors.

Now we have a lot of new shelves above the kitchen but unfortunately Phil didn’t have the time to stain the them. So the outsides will get some green in when we’re back in August.

And here is our big closet next to the oven and above another shelf :-). Just the door of the closet needs to be stained. Some nice work for Kristin in August while Phil does all the electrical ….

Pull out table and pull out cutting board. We’re trying to use every available space and maximize the usage of the van 🙂

Beside the shelves, Phil built a step next to our bed so it’s easier for us to get in and out of bed. And of course those steps are storage as well. Originally we wanted to have the bunk bed on that side of the bed, but we had another good idea and will first go without any bunk bed! Maybe we will decide after a while to build it, but then on the other side of the bed. So these shelves are for our clothes and they will also get some doors and paint in August.

Now the next time we can work on our small home is in August when we return to the US. Tomorrow we are going on a 12 days trip to our German neighbor – Denmark! We want to enjoy a last trip before a lot of no-sleep-time is coming into our life in May. But we are super excited that soon our little girl is joining the world and our big adventure.

7 weeks and 5 days to go…..



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