Almost “Goodbye” to Our Space Shuttle!!

With our insulation, we made our van look like a silver space shuttle, but each day we get closer to a comfortable tiny house on wheels. We have less then two weeks in the US and hopefully we can present you some photos of the first furniture before we leave. But check out our second crazy week with highlights, like cutting holes in the car!  

Day 8:

An hour drive to the mechanic and no success. He was missing the brackets to install the car’s rear seat! The rest of the day we did a lot of small things like closing all the last holes with foil tape, cabeling etc. Its amazing how long small things sometimes can take.

Day 9:

The big day for our third seat. We went to West Babylon (an hour away) and it took a while til we came back. It was also a rainy day – like at home in Hamburg. Our friend Rob visited & helped us out a bit. We finished cabeling and the rest of the insulation. We also built the box and insulated around our right rear wheel.

Day 10:

After some warm days, the temperatures dropped again. The only thing left: the sun & us!

We cut two holes in our van and now we have portholes,  so Kristin will not miss cruise ship life 🙂 (she actually doesn’t really miss it at all)! We also started with some wood details on the back door.

Timelapse: Kristin doing her first small mini shelf: The mountains are calling.

Foto 15.01.18, 14 11 56

Day 11:

Day 12:

Day 13:

DAY OFF – Kind of. We did a lot of shopping again. Home Depot and IKEA. We prepared everything for the next day.

Day 14:

We started laying out our floor today!  We also capped off and insulated the back left wheel well, and we added another piece of the wall to the right side.  It took us a little while to figure out how we were going to finish the wall around the portholes, but it looks like we found a solution using some sonotube!

Day 15:

We had to fix the kitchen window and the skylight because they leaked a bit during the snow. With both fixed, and the butyl tape trimmed off the portholes, we could go a bit further with the flooring.  Kristin pre-stained all the ceiling pieces and some of our wall pieces as well. We realized that we want to utilize the side step of the sprinter for more than just a step, so we had to spend some time removing the step and cleaning underneath it.  Then a bit of planning for how to build our new step there.

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