German Words We Need in English

Phil and I had always wanted to collect German phrases, quotes, and words etc. in order to translate them to english for our wedding website. Time was flying and we just didn’t have enough time, so I just printed a lot of weird German / USA sterotypes on small papers and put them in a box for everyone to read. Some people really found that box amusing. 🙂

So today we want to share words that I (Kristin) really love to use. Even after almost five years, Phil always discovers new words. Let`s discover some together…



(n.) (arsh – gEYE-guh)

Idiot, asshole, literally an ass-violin.

Donald Trump!!!!



(n.) (trAHtsch-tahn teh)

Blabbermouth. A typical word to describe gossip girls, but it means gossip aunt.



(n.) (Schtink-schtEE-ful)

A grouch. Literally a smelly boot.



(n.) (frOO – yahrs-moo-dig-kite – note: the g is soft)

A sense of listlessness brought by the coming of spring. It translates directly to ‘early year tiredness.’

Actually I really have that every year 🙂



(n.) (fremd-schAEmen)

The feeling of being ashamed on someone else´s behalf.

In life, everyone has situations where you feel like that; especially when you watch certain TV shows.



(n.) (kopf kEEno)

The act of playing out an entire scenario in your mind. Literally head cinema.

Oh man, I have that so often. I just have too much stuff in my head.



(n.) (kuddel – muddel – note: both U’s are pronounced like the “OU” in could)

An unstructured mess.

My desk looks like that all the time.



(n.) (ho – sen – schEYEsser)

Coward. Literally a trouser shitter.

I, however, call all kids small “Hosenscheisser” because they actually poop their pants. 🙂


Graue Maus

(n.) (gr-OW-eh – mouse)

Wallflower. Literally gray mouse.

I was like that in my teenage years. I always went into a party or a club wearing a long sweatshirt with my head down. :/



(n.) (lab-er-tash-eh)

Chatterbox. Literally a babble bag.



(n.) (rots – LEffel)

Brat.  Snot spoon.



(n.) (Hack-fress- eh)

An ugly person. Literally a face of a ground meat.

Not one of my favorites, but definitely one of my sister’s favorites :-). Check her photography-travel-blog out: Anne & Olli

But Donald Trump is a “Hackfresse”.


Arsch mit Ohren

(n.) (arsch mit Oh-ren – note: the Oh is la long “O”)

Literally a walking ass with ears.



(n.) (schlahp – schwahnz)

A wimp. Literally a weak cock.

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