Test the Van-Life

Vorfreude (n) – the joyful, intense anticipation that comes from imagining future pleasures!

We have another year to go until we put our plan into action! Since I am a rather impatient person, it was clear that I would soon want to try a small test tour.

Are you asking yourself why we have to wait another year?

Well, we need to save a bit in order to avoid financial uncertainty. That means not hanging up my job just yet, which is why I have now given notice for the end of October.

At the end of the year we will give up our beautiful apartment and store everything at my sister’s and dad’s houses.

So the test was all about: What do we really need? How big should the van be? Can we live together in such a narrow space? What needs to be done daily? How to deal without a shower? How to continue to cook as well as we do at home? Toilet: yes or no? How can I dry my long hair :-)?

In the every-day van-life of our test tour, we figured out that we really don’t want to make the bed every day. That just sucks and is a waste of time. Following a lot of van-lifers we see different options, but we also want to make sure we have room for maybe a future baby and a dog.

We created the first van idea drawings in April 2016 after our trip to China, so on our test tour in March 2017 we had some time to get back to the drawings. Phil started to make a 3D rendering.

But whenever we start new drawings we realize the following: we need a bus/sprinter first because with all our ideas it comes down to what size we get and whether we buy a sprinter or an old school bus. First, we need a vehicle that brings us safely from point A to point B. We want to cross the country, go to Canada, and maybe Baja California, so we will have a lot of miles ahead!!

But we definitely got more ideas because many ideas have once again become clearer. A solar panel setup for a sustainable supply of energy. A reasonable space to do work! A toilet, just for urgent reasons (like at night),but built in a secret way.

And we need to think more outside the box and not be too influenced by what all the others have done already. So we got back home and drew again 🙂


Testing the van-life was a worthwhile experience. We still want to do it and we are looking forward to our summer stays in the US when we can look take a look at some potential vans…

What kind of vans we want to look into: As van-life is a big movement right now, it seems like everyone is rebuilding sprinters. So is that really what we want? We will let you know after the summer.

But maybe you’re asking yourself : How did you get the idea to do something like that?

Sometimes it is an article you read, or a journey that shows you how broken our world is and how people treat our enviroment. Let’s be honest, we’re nearly all relatively well off (or have a pretty safe support network of friends and family), and I’m not surprised that more and more people follow the movement; living with less. The idea of people constantly consuming is not only bad for us as humans, but also for the environment. We must begin to live more consciously. Where does our food come from? Are the t-shirts I have been wearing produced under fair conditions?

Foto 16.10.16, 15 10 26 (1)

We just want to try to live with less for a time and live more sustainably. But of course we have to work, and since Phil is a freelancer the idea of a home on wheels was obvious. And then sometimes you are simply inspired by people like homesweetvan or therollinghome.

Just do it! Be brave and change something.


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