To do something with love, creativity or soul; leaving a piece of yourself into what you are doing.

This Greek word describes our personalities because it describes how we approach our lives.

A journey through the US in a van is a very special experience that a lot of so-called van-lifers are already aspiring to.  To live minimally in a tiny house on wheels, getting closer to nature and the environment, meeting like-minded people and doing all of this through all five senses: these are the things we’re all striving for.  But our goal is to create more that just a blog or an Instagram account. We want to give back to the community with our creativity and soul and inspire others to dip their toes into the ocean that is travel.

We hope to inspire other travelers to be curious and creative and to use all their senses, taking the deep dive into whatever country they’re traveling through.  We want to create something that arouses your desire to travel and gives you the courage to explore other ways to do it.

But we don’t want to give away too much! We’ll post updates as they come!

-The Van Kongs